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NYTSL Fall 2017 Program: Stringing Us Along with Amber Billey

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NYTSL Fall 2017 Program
Stringing Us Along: From Traditional Authorities to Identity Management in Library Technical Services

Tuesday November 14, 2017: 5:00PM – 7:45PM
(Reception 5:00PM – 6:00PM; Program 6:00PM – 7:45PM)

Margaret Liebman Berger Forum, Room 227 – Stephen A. Schwarzman Building – New York Public Library

How can we make authority work easier and more efficient, while retaining quality metadata? What is identity management and how is it different from traditional authorities?

In the current environment, traditional authority work is complex, it requires extensive training, it is usually very time consuming, and can only be accomplished by establishing one unique name at a time in the Library of Congress Name Authority File. But what if there was another way? The PCC Vision, Mission and Strategic Directions document, 2015-2017, Strategic Direction 3 states: “Provide leadership for the shift in authority control from an approach primarily based on creating text strings to one focused on managing identities and entities.” To accomplish this Direction, the PCC formed the Task Group on Identity Management in NACO and began the PCC-ISNI Pilot project. ISNI is the International Standard Name Identifier, it is an ISO standard, and it being tested by the PCC as a potential platform for “NACO-Lite” to provide an identity management alternative. In this talk learn more about ISNI and why it matters for libraries.

About the Presenter:

Amber Billey was the Metadata Librarian at Columbia University Libraries where she ensured the application of local and national standards for the creation and maintenance of digital metadata to enable information organization and resource discovery. Currently she is the Systems/Metadata Librarian at the Bard College Stevenson Library. Billey is a member of the PCC Task Group on Identity Management in NACO, and is the Co-Chair of the PCC BIBFRAME Task Group. She was the lead practitioner for Columbia’s participation in the PCC ISNI Pilot, and also works the LD4P project. Billey received her MLIS from Pratt Institute in 2009.

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